Wednesday, December 13, 2006

nicey-niceness: because nice things are nice

  1. My post-1800 professor has told me not once but twice that my reading of Frankenstein is, and I quote, brilliant. Thanks, Randy and Idler, for helping my drunk ass work it out. Or, possibly, handing my drunk ass the only brilliant things I ended up saying. I don't remember, because I was drunk. I also may have just now written a bunch of gibberish on my final. Sh! This is supposed to be a post about nice things.
  2. I have decided what my next tattoo will be. Just need to pick a place. And an artist. (One who won't make fun of me, Shosh. I am not that tough.)
  3. Here is a video of a puppy who just... can't... stay... awake.

I guess that's all the nice I've got in me today. Actually, three things is really very good, for today.

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