Saturday, December 02, 2006

fun with itunes

I probably don't need to explain this game to any of you. And so, with very little comment, I present to you one music-collection-shuffling game:
  1. Opening Credits: Johnny Cash - "Down There By the Train"
  2. Childhood: Richie Havens - "Going Back to My Roots"
  3. First Day of School: Stone Temple Pilots - "Sex Type Thing"
  4. Falling in Love: The Pixies - "Silver"
  5. Breaking Up: Sonic Youth - "Silver Rocket"
  6. Falling in Love Again: American Analog Set - "Punk as Fuck"
  7. Breaking Up Again: Okkervil River - "Dead Dog Song"
  8. Prom: The Streets - "Has It Come to This?"
  9. Birth of Child: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Papa Won't Leave You, Henry"
  10. Life Sucks: Baby Dayliner - "Shah With That" [But! I don't see how life can suck with lyrics like "Diamonds bigger than a cyst / my nemesis / is to not get kissed."]
  11. Life's Okay: Interpol - "A Time to Be So Small"
  12. Mental Breakdown: The Velvet Underground - "What Goes On" [Lady be good!]
  13. Driving Theme: New York Dolls - "Vietnamese Baby"
  14. Flashback: Depeche Mode - "Judas"
  15. High School Reunion: The Pixies - "Trompe le Monde"
  16. Commitment Ceremony: Joy Division - "The Only Mistake"
  17. Middle Age: Johnny Mercer - "Glow Worm"
  18. Last Years: Fugazi - "Bulldog Front"
  19. Funeral Song: The Beatles - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
  20. End Credits: Julee Cruise - "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears"


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