Monday, November 27, 2006


School troubles: Mr. Peanut Butter Shelley scares the crap out of me. And I can't think of an idea for my term paper. I have to send my professor a proposal tomorrow, and then have to write it within the next two weeks, while finishing all kinds of other work for school and studying for finals.

Other troubles: Sleep. Last night I got home at 2 am, wasn't sleepy at all, wrote a blog post, still wasn't sleepy, decided I ought to try and sleep anyway, but was up until 5:30. Then of course I slept until 1 today, which means that although I could hardly stay awake all afternoon, I am wide fucking awake right now. Which doesn't bode well for me getting to work on time tomorrow. Bonus: my brain has completely stopped working so I can't even use this time to do homework. I realize this is nothing compared to the sleep troubles at least two of my readers have routinely. But I'm bitching anyway.

Lordy, lordy. Won't someone amuse me in a way that doesn't involve me using my brain. Alternately, won't someone hit me over the head with a fucking chair.


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