Monday, November 13, 2006

one-liners: now officially devoid of substance

  • It's Monorail Cat. Yo, Monorail Cat.
  • This conversation is absolutely delicious.
  • And speaking of delicious. I fully wish I could grow muttonchops so I could have this conversation. I also would not complain if someone else wanted to grow muttonchops for me so that I could take the other part.
  • Don't anybody think for a second that I've forgotten about the rat-tail, by the way.
  • Dum dum dum da da da da da... just another modern guy.
  • This is a perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect thing.
  • And so is Paul Simon's Graceland. No, I don't care, I fucking said it.
  • No. Way. Nuh-uh. Oh my god I need one.
  • Monkeys, monkeys, Ted and Alice! Oh I am frisky today.
  • I love the wind. More wind, please.
  • I just found this thing that Shosh pointed me to a long time ago, and I am charmed all over again.
  • Okay, none of that was terribly interesting and now I don't have anything more to say. Which is what I get for blogging three times in one day.
  • Well, I suppose I could tell you the dream about my film professor. But I won't, because it (a) was not as feel-good as the one about Andrew Eldritch, (b) was even more disturbing, and (c) did not feature any awesome raincoats.


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