Sunday, November 12, 2006

since i'm stuck with my paper anyway

Shosh's post about donating body parts and generally being a nice person reminded me of a thing that I've been thinking about posting about. There's a program called Emergency Kindness that will allow you to volunteer to provide emergency contraception, on an anonymous basis, for a woman who is in need of it but isn't able to obtain it for whatever reason (cost, living situation, not near a pharmacy that carries it, etc.). Both men and women can purchase EC over the counter now, though you have to go up to the pharmacist and ask for it. I'm also not entirely sure that this program would accept men, though I don't see why the hell not and the site says nothing about it. Anyway, for what it's worth, there's another nice thing you can do for strangers if you're interested. Because it's nice to be nice. It does cost you money if you get picked to provide the EC to someone, though. And at the moment they actually have a backlog of applications, so maybe this is something I should have waited to post about. Oh well.

p.s. I'm still pissed off that they won't take my blood out of me. Just because they have to sit with me for 45 minutes every time I do it so that I don't pass out. Pah. I'm totally going to do the marrow thing though. Let's see them try to turn me away from that. Ha! I win! I mean, altruistic statement.



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