Saturday, December 23, 2006


My employer informed me today that they're going to take away 1/3 of my pay as of a week from now. When I freaked out, I was told that I should remember that they've accommodated my part-time hours, and that's been "quite a challenge" — as if they were doing me some kind of favor by keeping me there, when they'd be fully up shit creek if I left. Oh, and also, the person they hired specifically to help me with my workload, which used to keep 37.5 hours a week fully-occupied and now has to be crammed into 20-30? Not so much. Apparently other people have already given her too much work to do and she now just can't help me. So not only am I going to be doing the same work I was doing when I was working full-time, but I'm going to be doing it in fewer hours, and getting paid something like 3/5 what I got when I was working full-time.

But oh! I should be grateful, because they gave me a 3.5% cost of living increase on my base salary. And they might or might not implement some new program that would give me back some of what they're taking away, at some point in the future.

Would someone please show me where the Christmas Spirit pool is, I'd like to piss in it.


At 10:02 AM PST, Anonymous shosh said...

I think the CMas Spirit is currently leaking out of my eyes. Please don't piss on my face, that'd be like a really bad porno.


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