Monday, January 16, 2006

update on the shittiness

Because it’s important that I share every last assy detail, no matter how small:
  • Spilt coffee on my (light blue) pants, which I clearly put on this morning when I wasn’t thinking straight, because I look awful in pants, especially light-colored ones, plus also I drink three buckets of coffee a day, and I am spillage-prone.
  • Went home at lunch-time to pick up my purse so I'd have lunch money, then went to Taco Bell (in itself a grievous error, but I’m having a bad day, so please cut me a little slack) where I discovered I had forgotten I didn’t have any cash with which to purchase myself cheap-ass “Mexican” “food.” There’s an ATM at the Taco Smell but it charges $1.50 per transaction. $1.50 extra for a smarmy burrito? Homie don’t play that.
  • Went to the ATM, foolishly choosing the drive-through. I hate the drive-through ATM. In anything other than an eighteen-wheeler, it’s impossible to get high enough to access the keypad without opening your door and leaning out of the car. I forgot about this until it happened, just like I’ve forgotten eeeeeeeeverything else today.
  • Case in point: when I got back to work, discovered I had completely forgotten about a two-hour department meeting and also about an hour-and-a-half meeting that came immediately after it. Three and a half solid hours during which it was impossible for me not to work. I’ll never get that time back.
  • After work, went to sign up for a membership at the kickboxing place, but was nastily surprised to find that the cost to sign up is, like, twice what I thought it was. Didn’t sign up, didn’t take tonight’s class.
  • Went running instead, re-injured various body parts (mildly? let’s hope).
  • Saw an Excedrin commercial with the actress who plays Zoey Bartlet on The West Wing in it. I hate those commercials. Thought about how horrible The West Wing is now and how I hate it too. I mean, for Christ’s sake, this one time, Kate Harper (a character I also hate, by the way) seriously used the phrase “doth protesting too much.” I played it twice, and that’s what she actually said. That was the exact moment that The West Wing became dead to me.
  • Read this story about how the last four episodes of Arrested Development are going to be shown in a two-hour block, on Friday, February 10th, during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Now I know Fox is just being mean. Mean, mean, mean, mean, mean.
  • Read this story about how Pete Doperty was arrested again two days ago. Seriously, you have to read the story for how it happened, because I can't even talk about it. At first, it made me giggle, but then it occurred to me that people are probably making bets right now about how long it is until he overdoses. So, not so funny after all, and in keeping with today’s theme, actually quite depressing. Also, in keeping with today’s other theme, which is forgetting things, I had a moment of intense déjà vu while telling the boyfriend about this, and became convinced I had read the story earlier and told a friend about it, and then forgotten.
So, in conclusion, I think something is wrong with my brain. Could I have brain cancer? What’s encephalitis, could I have that?

I’m going to bed now.


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