Friday, January 06, 2006

I am super lame

I had a ticket to see Wolf Parade at the El Rey Theatre in L.A. this past Tuesday, with Chad Van Gaalen opening. I'd heard Wolf Parade is really great live and they've been one of my favorite finds of the past year, so I was really looking forward to this show. And I was even looking forward to Chad Van Gaalen, because although I'm on the fence about him, it's always fun to see Canadian giants sing in high voices. But then it got to be Tuesday afternoon and I decided it was way too hard to go, so I wussed out. In my defense, I would have had to go by myself, and for me going to a concert in L.A. involves driving 2-3 hours from Santa Barbara to L.A., in rush hour traffic, then standing around for something like 6 hours, then driving 2 hours back to Santa Barbara and getting home at like 3 am. All this is, you know, daunting on a work night, but not impossible if I have someone going with me. But by myself, the sheer and utter boredom of the wait at the venue I think would kill me. Anyway, I am super, super lame.

As a poor substitute, I've been trying to find at least a review of this show somewhere. But apparently no bloggers in L.A. saw this show, or at least haven't written about it yet. Or maybe there just are no music-loving bloggers in the L.A. area, which wouldn't surprise me at all. The closest I've found to a review of the show is this from (Cool site, by the way.) Short on details, no kidding. Come on, blogosphere, help me to experience vicariously what I was too lame to experience in person!

My favorite Wolf Parade song, by the way, is still the first one I heard: "You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son." (It just took me about 5 minutes to type that song title because I'm apparently retarded.) I heard this song and seriously stopped what I was doing (which was crunches, so, you know, I actually was looking for an excuse to stop, but still) and sat there with my mouth open when I heard the lines:
I will build a house inside of you
I will go in through the mouth
I will draw three figures on your heart
One of them will be me as a boy
One of them will be me
One of them will be me
Watching you run
I'm going from memory here so I might have that slightly wrong. I just love it though. It's like, I am so obsessed with you that I like to imagine climbing down your throat and carving pictures of myself on your internal organs. Fucking awesome.


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