Saturday, December 31, 2005

it's almost over

So, I spent much of today (much of the last week, actually) studying for and then taking a test for my idiotic job. It sucked really hard, it gave me BIG black ass hickeys, but I passed that fucker and now I am free to eat Japanese food and get shitfaced tonight without feeling like instead I should be stabbing myself in the face, I mean studying.

I'm awfully fucking ready for this year to be over. I promise I will try to cut down on all the cussing soon. In the meantime, because I love to make lists, here are a couple for you:

My Most Depressing Moments of 2005:
  • My gym closing.
  • Saul Bellow's death.
  • My car accident(s). Hey, yeah, funny story: around the beginning of this year, there was a Christmas tree on the freeway and I ran right into it. This caused me to buy a new car which, six months later, I crashed into a mattress on the freeway and then into another person's car. I'm sensing a lesson in this somewhere, but I can't... quite... make it out...
  • Finding out Arrested Development is probably going to be cancelled.
Things I Did In 2005 That I Never Did Before, Which I Don't Regret:
  • Got contact lenses.
  • Joined a gym, figured out I sort of like to exercise.
  • Got heavy into sushi.
  • Discovered entire blogs dedicated to cute animals, and
  • Completely checked out from my job.
Things I Did In 2005 That I Never Did Before, Which I Am Not Yet Sure About:
  • Turned 27, or as I like to call it, "Almost 30."
  • Started a blog.
Happy New Year, folks.


At 10:16 PM PST, Blogger scrappin_libby said...

Very fun recap of your 2005! Loved the cute animals link!


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