Monday, January 16, 2006

my employer is racist, and deserves to be shot

I am required to work today because the legacy of one of our country's most important civil rights leaders is apparently not something my employer considers worth celebrating. We get President's Day off, we get Memorial Day off, we even get a half-day on Good Friday for Christ's sake (sadly). But not MLK Day. In the company's defense, it doesn't really win you a lot of brownie points (ha!) to close for MLK Day in a town with a population of approximately 3 black people. Anyway; employer: j'accuse!

I'm going to blame the way my day is going on being made to work when by rights I should still be in bed. Many, many, petty, petty things have gone wrong already. Firstly, I forgot to condition my hair this morning so it looks like I just kind of threw a haystack on my head before I left the house. Secondly, I realized about 3/4 of the way to the office this morning (and 20+ minutes late, but you knew that already, because it's me we're talking about here) that I had left my purse at home. This means I have no wallet, I have no cell phone, I have no lip gloss. I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like, well, I feel like I left the house without my purse. Ladies will understand. Gah.

Thirdly, I found out this morning that all the salespeople at my company were treated to a weekend at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, which is I hear is quite swank (I wouldn't know). Meanwhile, I spent the weekend watching Nero Wolfe and biking through gravel-storms. Not that I would have traded it for weekend time with those fucktards, but it's incredibly frustrating that this company doesn't want to spend the money to give their people MLK Day off, but they have no problem treating their salespeople to chi-chi spa weekends.

And! Lastly (so far), I've already been sexually harassed (mildly) and referred to as a "girl" by salespeople in the office twice this morning. I love Mondays. Fuck.

Did I mention that I once heard my boss tell a virulently racist joke? And another time refer to a black woman as "Aunt Jemima"? I'm going to suggest now that certain people ought to be shot. They ought to be lined up in front of a ditch and shot three at a time to save bullets, because they are not worth an entire bullet apiece.

That is all.


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