Tuesday, January 17, 2006

in which I present my readers with the gift of puppies

Hi, hi, hi! Hello there. I'm doing much better today than yesterday, thanks. Never mind that the toilets at work are broken right now (and we won't go into my boss's involvement with this little problem because I am a lady and do not discuss such matters). I am in a good mood! Partly because I bought myself some new underwear today, partly because I saw the cutest puppy ever (climbing in a fountain! so sweet I almost went into convulsions!), partly because my boyfriend Philip Seymour Hoffman won a Golden Globe last night, and partly because I got to talk about Henry James this morning. Or at least, I got to talk about my eternal and undying love for Henry James. Cheery cheery. I do have one more horrific thing to talk about that happened yesterday, but I'll tell about it later. It's too awful and I'm not psychically prepared yet.

Ooh, and! on the way home in an hour, I get to pick up my Christmas presents from my brother at the post office. I love presents!! And I kind of love that my family is hopeless about sending presents on time, because it means I get about two months' worth of Christmas every year. In fact, the presents for my birthday usually stop trickling in around the time the Christmas presents start arriving. Holla!

In commemoration of my good mood, I present to you some of my favorites from Overheard in New York and Overheard in the Office:
  • This kid is so awesome. If I ever have a child, I want it to be just like this one: endearingly retarded. Also plump and juicy for good eatin', which I assume any child named "Milo" has to be.
  • I've often thought this about banana bread. (About 2/3 of the way down the page.)
  • Another thought I've had so, so many times.
And, as an extra special bonus for you, my favorite postcard from PostSecret:
  • Me too. Only not with the whole teaching thing. But yeah, the other part.
Extra extra special bonus: here are some puppies for you. I was going to put in only one, but I couldn't decide which. Just look how cute. (There were actually even more adorable ones, but they were wearing sweaters and that's not how I roll.)

This baby is named Dozer and is allergic to grass... what a sad puppy!! From interspectrum on Flickr.

Chips!! From Cordelya.

Oh me oh my, it's a puppy in a chair!! From bulldog1.


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