Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, this is a far better response than I had any right to hope for. I harbor a secret suspicion that the Idler King is the greatest writer of our time. Of any time, really. There is no one else like him for getting into your mind with the fine line. So foursquare. If you don't all immediately read his blog and devote your lives to him, you have no taste. Also, bug him about his novel for me, will you? He can dish it out but he can't take it.

The boyfriend, by the way, is OUT THERE WATCHING TOO but he refuses to make comments. Boyfriend! Boyfriend! You're such a voyeur! Yoo hoo, boyfriend! Oh by the way, congratulations to him for passing, a week ago, the last exam he will ever have to take in school. It's all dissertation from here on out, baby. Wacca wacca!


At 10:26 AM PST, Blogger piehat said...

p.s. I found the typo and it's fixed. Now my blog is flawless.

At 12:53 PM PST, Blogger idler king said...

I am admittedly very, very good. But you are better.

Wow. What with all this encomiastic handjobbery, I've developed a soreness. Perhaps it is time to feud? Your attraction to hedgehogs is scandalous, and I suspect fruitmongers in your lineage.

But no, I bow to you. If you stand to the east, I can salute you, the dawn, and Mecca all in one clean gesture.

I shan't be writing a novel until after I fail to publish my first chapbook of miserable Larkin knockoffs and faithless Dickinson frauds. Then I'll try advertising or suicide. Advertising suicide—a big billboard that reads, "This is not your kind of place." Money will pour in, blood-dimmed tide, then the novel. You knew that.

Purged of error, your words now sear my eyes. They are too much to bear. Let not Blog speak to us, lest we die.

I am giddy.

At 2:09 PM PST, Blogger piehat said...

Oh, you're giddy! I'm about to pass out. Please let's just fight, I can't take any more compliments. When I have a pet hedgehog, I will tell it to bite your kneecap. Also, what was that Conor Oberst crack about? I'm all in a huff over it.

Anyway, I've equated you with Jesus, you've equated my blog with God, there's really nowhere else to go, is there? I think you're awesome, you think I'm awesome, now this circle jerk of mutual admiration must be allowed to DIE. I'm going to go headbutt something.


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