Thursday, January 19, 2006

crunky pup joy

He he he, OMG this puppy totally found the Crickle-Crack tree. Ah, crickle-crack. My mom sent me the Crickle-Crack book in a care package one time while I was in college. A little under my reading level, but it was pretty good. I think she was trying to warn me about cracked-out squirrels on campus. Ha ha, how crazy!

In case you're not familiar with the work in question, it is about:

Succinctly put, Powells Books. Couldn't have said it better. Well, actually I would have said "Fucking Tweaker Squirrels" but I won't quibble.

p.s. Just look at the other puppies here. So cute they made me say "OMG." If you don't think that takes a lot of cute, then you don't know me very well at all.


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