Friday, July 07, 2006

You guys! You guys! It's Fridaaaay!

Full disclosure: I'm unironically wearing legwarmers today. Well, you know, as unironically as it's possible for me to do anything.

On the way to work this morning, I saw:
  1. An Audi TT with the vanity plate "QSIMODO." That's right, butt car.
  2. A van with a message across the back that read, "DO NOT TAILGATE. DOGS INSIDE." I considered tailgating in the hope that this would cause the back doors to fly open and the dogs to come out. And then the dogs would all come into my car and be my dogs.
  3. A man riding his motorcycle in boxer shorts.
It's definitely Friday.

Not visible on my way to work is the freeway overpass just after the northbound Carrillo entrance to the 101, which since Wednesday has had the words "IF YOU ONLY KNEW!" scrawled across it in three foot tall letters. There should be more wistful graffiti. I think that would be nice.

My summer classes are halfway through. Or will be after this weekend. I was supposed to have to write an in-class essay last night, but through the judicious combination of my lucky earrings and my lucky parking spot, I ensured that our teacher would spend too long explaining to us how to form a thesis and therefore have to cancel the in-class essay. We also spent a good deal of time watching Da Ali G Show in class this week, so I'm getting more and more reconciled to this school thing.


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