Monday, June 26, 2006

i did that thing

I wrote my paper. I'm bitterly ashamed of it (especially of the title, which is stab-yourself-in-the-face awful), and I don't really feel like it's done — that feeling of satisfaction at finishing a difficult task hasn't arrived yet — but it's printed, and it's getting turned in tonight. Unfortunately, my second paper for this class is a revision of this one, so I'm guessing that means I'll have to re-read it, and there's no telling what I'll do when forced to confront the evidence of my inanity.

Anyway, thanks, boyfriend, for using up your entire weekend on herding my thoughts into some kind of coherent structure, and not letting me give up in the middle, and letting me make you read the entire thing over my shoulder as I wrote it, and finding the typo, and telling me a whole bunch of times that I'm not a stupid person who can't write. I really, really hope it's not this hard again.

Oh, and last night I watched Gilmore Girls instead of Deadwood. I thought I should confess.


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