Thursday, June 15, 2006

one-liners: new shoes edition

  • New shoes! OMG!!! New shoes FTW!! They're blue, and they have a sort of quasi big band/dominatrix feel to 'em. Or at least that's what I say. And I will wear them every single day until the morning I find my toes in a soggy mess at the bottom of the bed.
  • Speaking of shoes, today I caught myself seriously thinking about buying a pair of yellow shoes. That's right. Yellow. Shoes. I've apparently turned into a kindergartener. More evidence: today I bought a bottle of baby lotion. Baby lotion, you know, to rub on my skin. You guys would tell me if I was shitting my pants in public, right?
  • David Lynch is on the market again. He sounds happier.
  • You know how I was going to go to Ikea and get a new futon mattress last week and then everything in life was going to be perfect? Yep, not so much. I got the mattress, but I have to take it back to Ikea this Saturday. I'm making Boyfriend go with me this time. I think he's really looking forward to it. Anybody need anything? (Other than your blinds, of course, Shosh.)
  • Here are some cats that look like Hitler.
  • Yes, Nick Cave probably is the coolest man alive. Don't you just love his little pink shirt?
  • I'm taking my (last) insurance test tomorrow. Everyone wish me luck. Actually, never mind, I'm over it.
  • I have a foot cramp. And I'm going to bed.


At 12:05 AM PDT, Anonymous shosh said...

How come you didn't post MY shoes on here, yo? /glower

Oh, wait. We didn't take any pictures of them yet.

At 12:35 AM PDT, Blogger idler king said...

Awesome. Nick is the hardest man alive. Whenever I go six months without a haircut, I shall think of him.

How long have you been waiting for David Lynch to be single?

Also, very few of those cats look like Hitler.

Your new shoes are hot. Why did you have a man model them?

(I am drunk.)

At 12:39 AM PDT, Blogger idler king said...

Also, good luck.


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