Friday, May 19, 2006

what can i get for 10 dollar?

This was fun last time, so what the hell. This is my attempt at writing my own (weekly-appropriate) questions. I believe several of them to be lame. If you also find this to be the case, (a) I apologize, and (b) feel free to make suggestions (or just write your own). Unless you're already tired of this game. I will never tire of it, but that's just me.

What is my week going to be like?
Violent Femmes, "Kiss Off (Demo)"

How long is this week going to feel?
Modest Mouse, "Other People's Lives"

How will I remember this week?
Soul Coughing, "Mr. Bitterness"

Who will I hate this week?
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "She Passed By My Window"

What song will I spend all goddamn week trying to get out of my head?
M.I.A., "10 Dollar"

Let's talk about my hair for a minute.
Pink Floyd, "Stop"

What is some good advice for me this week?
Oingo Boingo, "Mary"

What time is it?
Elliott Smith, "Bled White"

What is this week's theme song?
Smog, "Natural Decline"

True or false: Time heals all wounds.
Hank Williams, "Ready To Go Home"

How will the world see me this week?
The New Pornographers, "Falling Through Your Clothes"


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