Sunday, October 05, 2008

sarah palin

is either stupid or dishonest, or both. I'm guessing both in some kind of doublethink way -- she wants to insist that women are obligated by virtue of their ovaries to support her and therefore has to change the quote; then she's too stupid to think the word-switch matters in any fundamental way even though she ought to realize it does because she just had to make the word-switch in order to make the quote mean what she wanted it to. I'd call her a fucktard, if that wouldn't be offensive to mentally handicapped people in any number of ways.

Sigh. It doesn't matter why she did it. I'm just so, so tired of this election, and seeing Sarah Palin make a mockery of feminism makes me sick to my stomach. Can't she and McNasty just lose al-fucking-ready?



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