Saturday, March 04, 2006

i am moderately well-travelled within my home country

I'm seriously geeking out about this tool for creating a map of the U.S. states you've visited. I've had a little map on my wall for years with the states I've been to circled. It is time to throw that mother out. Technology has finally caught up to my lifestyle. Anyway, I'm at 24 states, or 47%. I'm now thinking that when I go back to Maryland for my brother's wedding in May, I should try to find some kind of tourist attraction in Delaware. Look at that stupid little white spot.

I have to say, I'd feel better about this map if it colored the states I've been to blue. Seeing all those red states is giving me the vapors.

There's also a version of the tool for "countries visited," but I'm only at 1% of that map. Tss.

What's y'all's maps look like?


At 11:36 AM PST, Anonymous shosh said...

Fucking comments bot won't let me paste an image in here. Imagine most of the lower half of the states, plus Idaho and Maryland.

I can't even discuss the great sadness of my mere 3% world travellage.


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