Thursday, February 23, 2006

your thursday afternoon bronx cheer

  • Who out there still thinks Meg White is hot? She's going on the "dead to me" list soon if she doesn't do something about those teeth. They are a menace. The last picture is actually kind of cool though. She's still funny-looking, but I like the trees or whatever.
  • I have always found Morrissey to be a deeply suspicious character. Second only to, yes, that crazy gothy-terror neo-Victo team of Andrew Eldritch and Robert Smith.
  • Today I hate my boss so much that the only thing keeping me from murdering him with office ephemera is thinking of the time he said, "Man, if I had a brain, I'd eat it."
  • A moment of seriousness: if this is true, how is this not all over the fucking news? What kind of catfucker do we have running this country?
  • No matter how alluring it looks in the drugstore display, do not ever drink Tab Energy Drink. It is the worst ass you have ever tasted.
  • And finally: I'm goin' back to my roots here.


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