Wednesday, February 15, 2006

brain .. . mushy

Savoy Truffles = wicked awesome salad bar. (Savoy Truffles website = kind of the suck.)

Having the urge to make so so many many pointless posts today, despite my brain having been turned into porridge. Wait, maybe because of. The porridge thing I mean. Squish.

Anyway, can you even believe this? Spotsylvania, Virginia police are claiming that the only way they can possibly get enough evidence to convict prostitutes is by having sex with them. And then leaving them $350 tips. Now that's a solid strategy, but I have an even better idea. Just grab the next woman you see who makes you go schwing, rape her, and throw a $5 bill at her. Then, because she accepted money for sex, you can totally keep her in jail forever, because she's a dirty whore.

Won't someone please tell me something nice about men? I'm sensing I might be getting only one side of the picture lately.

Oh, yeah, in conclusion: douche chill!


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