Tuesday, March 14, 2006

beef. liver. bacon.

One of the things I vowed not to do on this blog is talk endlessly about what google searches have led people here. Because seriously, is there anything more boring to everyone in the world who is not me? No, no, and again, most violently, no.

But of course, if I resolve not to do a thing, then said thing is instantly and, one might say, always already, a fait accompli. That is, one way or another, come hell or high water, I will do this thing which I have sworn not to do. It's really kind of admirable, don't you think?

So: I've just discovered that someone recently arrived at my blog through a search for the term "Unmarried Females." It was capitalized like that, too. Sorry, whoever you are, I don't have any I'm willing to give up. Also, I still get several hits a week on the "liveblogging the puppy bowl" post. I'm told as well that if you do a yahoo search for "waiting for the miracle piehat," that's the page you land on. I think I'm ready to forget about that now, okay, internet?

One last thing. Tom Waits puppy food commercial. Cheeseriffic! His (oddly rhyming) lawsuits against the people using soundalikes in an attempt to drag his good name back into this sort of thing now make perfect sense.


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