Wednesday, June 18, 2008

you may worship me now

Not only did I find out today that I got two A-pluses and an A last quarter, but I also got my research paper back from the professor who I kind of sort of idolize — and she said only good things about it. Like, unbelievably good things. Like that my paper is "an excellent, insightful, & very well written analysis," that I did "impressive, detailed work with the text," I am "a very patient unfolder of evidence, finding excellently telling passages," and that "it is such a pleasure at the end of a quarter to read such an inspiring [!!] & thoughtful paper." She even thanked me. But even more mind-blowing than that is that she said (a certain portion of) my paper constitutes "a new contribution" to criticism on a book (Frankenstein) that has been written about millions of times by everyone under the sun. I could die happy right now, if it weren't for the hormone deficiency.



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