Wednesday, June 04, 2008

an interesting change from the Doctor Who dreams i keep having

I had a dream this morning that a dalmatian dog I knew decided to join a pod of dolphins who were spotted like he was. Some time later, he swam up with his pod to the edge of the water where the Idler and I were standing. He split off from his pod, came up to us, and made a very, very sad face, from which I intuited that he regretted joining the dolphin pod but was afraid to leave them for some reason. (Possibly they were gangster dolphins.) He swam away with the dolphins, and the Idler and I walked on, trying to think of a way to extricate him. But we didn't come up with anything.

Some time after that, the Idler bought me a 30th birthday party package at a donut shop. They had special "30+" party packages, to which you could bring your own music, and which featured various events/games throughout the day. One of the events was different for women's birthday parties than for men's. I don't remember what either event was, but the women's one was rondo. The woman running the donut shop said I could have the men's event, but I might not want to, because it "could get pretty rough." Ha. Unsurprisingly, I opted for it anyway.*

Then four or five people showed up, hours early, and started complaining that the party was stupid because nothing was going on. I brought them donuts. Then I woke up.

*Can you guess where the whole gender-segregated event thing probably came from, Shosh?



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